MultiReader 2.3.5

Source:Bernard Segonnes

eBook speaker. PDF, EPUB, RTF, PPT, ... several languages spoken

MultiReader is eBook Speaker / eReader.

eBook formats : PDF, EPUB, text, Word, RTF , Power Point.

Voices : english, spanish, french, portugese, dutch, italian, german, Finnish... all TTS engines (Pico, SVox, eSpeak, ...) , all languages

Access to online libraries.

Very usefull for students for their lessons. To review for an exam.
Can be used in assimilating information (eLearning), ie. foreign languages, training techniques.
People who have difficulties with fine print (blind people).

MultiReader NEEDS TTS or TTSExtended installed. Please go to the Market if necessary.

Some files may not upload. This occurs ONLY if they contains too many/big images inside.

Doc :

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